Today's Baolong
  Jiangsu Baolong group is located in Dafeng district of Yancheng city on the coast of Yellow Sea ,is a national key leading enterprise of Agricultural industrialization which focus on crawfish growing seedlings,farming,processing and exporting .
  Baolong is the first domestic enterprise which won the title of authentic origin place of crawfish,and is also the pioneer and leader in Chinese crawfish industry.
  Today's Baolong has established an international competitive global marketing network and office network and has a strategic cooperation with Beijing Xinliangji company which is the standardized leader of Chinese food.We have Asian food joint research centre which combines "culinary art"and "food science",and have production enterprise which strictly controls the source of raw materials base and international food processing standards.Baolong has formed an aquatic products industry group mainly for crawfish and really realizes the trinity of product research,processing and market sales...

Baolong Industry
Baolong crawfish
Baolong catfish
Baolong hairy crab
Baolong vannamei white shrimp
Baolong Basa Fish
Our products
ADDRESS:No.66 Yuye Chuangxin Road,Sanlong Town,dafeng District,Yancheng City,Jiangsu Province
Jiangsu Baolong Group Copyright(C)2017 Support:SIKE NETWORK link:TIANMAO ALIBABA
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